Are you licensed and insured?

Yes! The Roof Company believes in doing everything by the book. Both owners of The Roof Company are fully licensed by the state of Michigan. All our installers are legal payroll employees. We have proper workers compensation insurance to protect our customers from lawsuits in the rare occasion someone falls off the roof. We also have $2 million dollars in liability insurance to protect your home in the rare case we cause damage to your property during your project. 


Are you certified by the shingle manufacturer?

Yes! Again, we go by the book- The Master Shingler Applicators Book, to be exact. The Roof Company has the highest certifications available. We are a CertainTeed SELECT shingle master company. All of our installers are certified Master shinglers from CertainTeed. The owners are part of CertainTeeds Professional roofing advisory counsel. Our ventilation experts will ensure your new roof system functions perfectly in all weather conditions for the entire duration of the roof life. 


How can I ensure that I choose a professional roofer?

Don't take our word for it - go ahead and look at what Certainteed (a shingle manufacturer) recommends: Choosing a Professional Roofer.


How long does a shingled roof last?

Although there are numerous variables to consider in answer to this question, the quick answer is: If a roof is installed using a quality dimensional style shingle, you have a balanced ventilation system, and an insulation value of R49, your roof should last around 25 years. 


Will my landscaping/siding get destroyed?

 It depends on who you hire! The Roof Company takes every precaution possible to protect your home and landscape. Sheets of wood covering doors and windows, tarps on the grounds, and garbage cans/buckets covering bushes and plants will prevent damaging your home & landscape. In the rare event that something is damaged, The Roof Company always makes it right. Again, we're not happy until you are. 


How long does it take to install a new roof?

Again, there are numerous variables here. Your average 1500 sq foot house usually takes a day or 2. If you have major ventilation issues, a  huge house, or a 100 year old house with 4 layers of shingles on it, it may take 3 or 4 days.





How much does a new roof cost?

First, keep in mind that you’re not buying a price or even just a product, you’re buying a professional contractor that you can trust. A great contractor will provide great products, great value, and most importantly great service. Beware of low, low prices; there’s usually a reason the price is too low. Ways to cut corners may include improper insurance, non licensed contractors, builders grade materials, or unqualified installers. The Roof Company believes in “Value”. We price our projects very competitively and provide exceptional value. Each roof project quote is based on the exact specifications needed for your specific project. 


Should I have my old roof removed before the new one is installed?

Removing the existing shingles ensures the new shingles are installed over a clean, smooth substrate, and the roof will generally last a bit longer. Installing new shingles over the existing shingles is a viable, cost savings option but only for those roofs that qualify. Contact us today to see if you qualify for our Roof 2.0 system, and save thousand$.


What are ice dams?

Many people think ice dams are a gutter and/or roof issue. In reality, it’s a ventilation/insulation issue. What you need is intake venting, exhaust venting, and good insulation to prevent ice dams. A picture is worth a thousand words:

Click to enlarge. (Image via OwensCorning)


Can I have my roof installed during winter?

Although installing a new roof system in the winter is doable, you don’t want to have it installed if it’s well below freezing temperatures and/or snowing. If there’s snow on the ground, it can get a little messy. Sometimes, if the conditions are right, The Roof Company can install a new roof in the winter at a discount. 


What kind of warranty should I expect on my new roof?

The Roof Company provides a LIFETIME workmanship warranty on all our new roof systems. Beware of the “5 or 10 year labor warranty”. What kind of company gives a 5 or 10 year warranty on something that should last 25 years? We almost always use CertainTeed shingles which come standard with a limited lifetime warranty.